Review of fees and charges for NSW Trustee and Guardian
6 Jun 2014
The Independent Pricing and Review Tribunal (IPART) have been asked by the NSW Government to review and recommend fees and charges for the NSW Trustee and Guardian’s (NSWTG) services.
Federal Budget spares NDIS, but tough on DSP
6 Jun 2014
The NDIS has survived a tough Federal Budget without a funding cut or changed timeline; but pressure on Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients will increase and the Budget fails to invest the ext ...
Disability Discrimination Commissioner to be Axed
6 Jun 2014
The recent federal budget has included a few changes that will make a huge difference if they are carried through. As part of the Budget, the position of Disability Discrimination Commissioner, curren ...
NDIS Update June 2014
6 Jun 2014
The NDIS was almost unaffected by the Federal Budget. The Scheme will continue its roll-out as planned – with the existing schedule and funding.
Sam Schmidt takes the drive of a lifetime
6 Jun 2014
Prior to the recent Indianapolis 500 Sam Schmidt emerged as a major road hog. One week before the Indy 500, he watched driver Simon Pagenaud claim the checkered flag for his racing team, Schmidt Peter ...
Luke’s Place opens
9 May 2014
As dozens of smiling faces spun wildly around on the new carousel at the Illawarra’s first inclusive public playground in late March, it was clear just how much the park will mean to kids of all abili ...
Robert Martin: The Peoples Advocate
8 May 2014
Robert Martin comes from Wanganui, New Zealand. Born with an intellectual disability, Robert spent his childhood in institutions and experienced the pain of separation from his family. 
Susan Boyle: Her Secret Struggle
7 May 2014
Scottish singer Susan Boyle has written a heartfelt essay revealing her "relief" when she was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, in 2013.
NDIS Update
6 May 2014
Update on the NDIS.
7 Feb 2014
Selfie" is the word of 2013 according to Oxford Dictionaries and is now officially part of the English language. But have you ever heard of an "Unselfie"? Help The Disability Trust spread the word abo ...