Fact Sheets

A Way To Stay - SCOPE Access Home Modifications planning tool
SCOPE Access Home Modifications planning tool, A Way to Stay, which assist people with a disability to make informed choices on the costs and benefits of modifying their home.

Australian Disability Enterprises (PDF 24.7KB)
Explanation of how Australian Disability Enterprises operate in Australia.

Better Start program for Children with a Disability (PDF 102KB)
Factsheet with Information for parents & carers on the Better Start for Children with Disability (Better Start) initiative.

Choice and Control in the NDIS (PDF 474.4KB)
This paper outlines the initial thinking about what choice and control means and what it might look like under the NDIS.

Choosing a private OT, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist for a child (PDF 48.4KB)
How to go about choosing a private OT, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist for a child.

Client information on Privacy and the MDS (PDF 58.9KB)
Explanation of why Minimum Data Set or MDS information (data) is collected for the government.

Client participation in the Individual Planning Process (PDF 345.7KB)
A literature review is carried out on behalf of the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC), by the Centre for Developmental Disability Studies (CDDS). It examines the literature base for effective methods of increasing client participation in the Individual Planning Process, and recommends how such engagement may be increased.

Early Intervention in the NDIS (PDF 186.4KB)
This fact sheet explains initial thinking about what early intervention might look like under the NDIS.

Information on the Criminal Justice Support Network (CJSN), a service of the Intellectual Disability Rights Service Inc (IDRS).

Indigenous Australians in the NDIS (PDF 314.5KB)
This factsheet shows some of the first thinking on the best ways the NDIS can make sure Indigenous people with disability get the supports they need.

Legislation relevant for people with an Intellectual disability (PDF 47KB)
A variety of legislation and other government documents have been written in order to safeguard these rights. Relevant and important Federal and State legislation for people with intellectual disability and their allies is listed in this factsheet.

Literature Review - person centred planning (PDF 162KB)
This is a review of literature about person centred planning practices (PCP) and approaches.

NDCO - Disabilities explained for Employers (PDF 340.5KB)
A number of factsheets explaining specific disabilities in the workplace.

Safeguards for the NDIS (PDF 206.7KB)
This fact sheet outlines initial thinking about what safeguards are and what they might look like under the NDIS.

When things go wrong for people with an intellectual disability (PDF 16.6KB)
Suggestions and options for people with a disability when things go wrong such as people misunderstanding, or not listening, or being treated badly.

Other Resources

2009 Disability, Ageing and Carers summary from ABS (SDAC 2009) (PDF 794.5KB)
This publication presents a summary of results from the Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC) conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) throughout Australia, from April to December 2009.

Aged  and Disability Services Directory (Shellharbour) Sept 2011 (PDF 170.3KB)
This Directory provides basic information for services for the aged and people with disabilities of Shellharbour City Council Area.

Better Start program for Children with a Disability - Brochure (PDF 664.9KB)
Information on the Better Start is an Australian Government initiative which aims to help make vital early intervention services and therapies more affordable and accessible.

Guidelines for Facilitating the Career Development of Young People with Disability - 2012 (PDF 659.5KB)
These Guidelines for Facilitating the Career Development of Young People with Disability have been developed to support those who provide career information, advice and guidance to young people with disability.

My Life May Way - Choosing the Self Managed Model for your Day Program (PDF 2.8MB)
This booklet is about the Self Managed Model in Day Programs and can help you decide if the Self Managed Model is right for you.

National Disability Strategy 2010-20 (PDF 845.5KB)
The National Disability Strategy (the Strategy) sets out a ten year national plan for improving life for Australians with disability, their families and carers.

Tips for making a complaint - from NSW Ombudsman (DOC 42.5KB)
Tips for making a complaint, from the website of NSW Ombudsman.